An instant access audio to open your mind to the MAGIC of  Saying No
Babbbbbbbbbes. You can do it! Saying no has an acquired taste. Move through that initial resistance and you will LOVE IT.

You cannot continue to carry everything- all the expectations, all the doing, all the thinking…. Imagine if you could allow even a tiny proportion of them to slide off your shoulders.

Plug me into your earholes and feel permitted, motivated, and inspired to decline, for everyone’s sake.

Love, KJ xx

Meet Keri...

Keri is The Audacity Coach. She's leading a reclamation of "Who Does She Think She Is?!", inspiring and supporting women to locate, and activate their personal autonomy, and access the benefits of their alliance with one another.
She's the Founder of Do It Like A Mother, a business she sold in early 2020.
Since 2018, more than 100 women have completed her Thrive Like A Mother programme.
She's a Speaker, Retreat Host, & Book Addict. Vegan but not preachy about it. Socialist. Feminist. Mother. Swearer. Think those are the key details nailed tbh. 

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